Cotton & Sisal Buffs CS003

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Sisal rope buffing wheel is made of high-quality sisal/hemp as raw material, pressed and cut by professional cutting machine. It is hard ,sharp and strong in cutting force .Choosing multi-layer high quality sisal cloth overlapping .Then sewed together by strong 100% cotton thread and impregnated via special oil and resin to make the wheel harder, more cutting force and wear resistant .



Product features:

Sisal buffs provide essential surface regularity in preparation stages, ensuring efficient execution of subsequent polishing stages. Stitched sisal buff has the advantages of anti-corrosion,friction,elastic,Hi-grinding power,anti-static and fire-resistant.




Sisal buffing mops is widely used in grinding and polishing of metal,stainless steel,aluminum,electroplating products,wood and leather materials.




Sisal buff for polishing is suitable for deep processing and surface polishing of all kinds of stainless steel products, hardware, copper and other rough materials.

Sisal cord buff are mainly used in buffing applications required to achieve bright finishing or mirror finishing. The quality of the buffing wheels are determined by manufacturer, which include hardness, structure and size.



What is a sisal buffing wheel used for?

Sisal buff wheels are a stiff polishing wheel used mainly to buff metal surfaces. The buffing material used to make these discs is coarser than most other buffing wheels and has natural grease absorbing properties.



What is the difference between buffing wheels?

The main difference you will see between each airway buff is the color handling. Each color represents a different hardness level for each wheel. The hardness/stiffness of the airway polish should take into account what step of the polishing and polishing process you are doing, and the metal you are working with.

Cotton & Sisal Buffs


300~600 20~25 127,152,178,181

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