Abrasive belts are mounted on rotating wheels or pulleys and are used in applications such as surface finishing, sanding, and grinding. Abrasive Belts Offering you a complete choice of products according to its material, width, grain, perimeters, such as heavy tear-resistant abrasive cloth, zirconia abrasive belts, silicon carbide abrasive belts, and emery belt.

1. Installed on the oil mill, used for grinding and polishing stainless steel plates;

 2. Installed on the square tube drawing machine, used for drawing the stainless-steel square tube.

Abrasive belt tools can be used throughout a body shop for a variety of sanding, blending, and finishing applications. The ability to use both coated and non-woven abrasives allow technicians to perform a wide range of applications from spot weld and door skin removal to surface preparation. Our abrasive belts are used in multiple applications from fine finishing of stainless-steel coil to heavy stock and weld removal. It is widely used in the industries like metallurgy, machines, shipbuilding, light industry, lumbering, stainless steel, and artificial stone.

JSH is one of the professional industrial abrasive belts manufacturers in China, our abrasive belts are custom-made to suit the requirements of every customer’s specification, depending on sanding operations, machines, and contact wheels. It can be specialized by customer's requirements. It has several sizes to choose from and has high tensile strength and great tension. Our abrasive belts feature exceptional sanding power, high tensile strength, and optimum stretching resistance.