Cross pads are a specialty abrasive made up of abrasive flaps folded over one another in a t-shape/plus sign/cross shape, which gets fitted onto a die grinder or rotary drill through a mandrel attachment. This product is made from sharp abrasive materials. It has a good elasticity feature and it is for easy replacement. 

Abrasive material under special production procedure, the natural advantages include strong elasticity and strength, good heat dissipation, protection from the burn of the workpiece, as well as hands-free installation, smoothy working, and good control of voice under operation.

It’s a perfect material major used for polishing inner-wall of high qualified stainless-steel tuber and pipe fittings. Installed on the automatic polishing machine for stainless steel long pipes or elbows, used for polishing the inner wall of stainless steel long pipes and stainless steel long and short elbows, tees, etc.