Non-woven Web Buffs NW001

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Product features:

It is made of unique synthetic non-woven fiber and abrasive emery. Because of its different structure and hardness can be used for various purposes, from the most superficial cleaning effect to sand texture decoration.
Advantages: strong cutting force, consistent surface finish. The fiber has good flexibility, and It's suitable for workpieces of various shapes. Strong self-sharpening will not block the crevices, and the nylon wheel surface always keeps as new____durable, ideal for manual operation and automated production operations. Low noise during grinding, less dust-free, meets the environmental protection requirements.


Surface grinding and polishing of stainless steel knives, tableware, stainless steel vacuum flask; the surface sand processing of construction hardware, handles, hinges, door locks; golf heads polishing, clubs deburring, surface sand texture decoration, and the surface treatment of aluminum heat sink.

Non-woven Web Buffs
100-500 10-200 10-50 80~400

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