Drill Mounted Flap Wheel - The flaps are arranged like a fan around the shaft of the tool, this provides for consistent cutting action, maximum performance and longer life. Drill Mounted Flap Wheel provide fast cutting and long life on steel and other metals.

Each Drill Mounted Flap Wheel  is designed with their flaps arranged in a circular fan shape around the center arbor hole.

JSH Drill Mounted Flap Wheel are ideal for general purpose blending, shaping and deburring. They are made from the highest quality abrasive grains and are perfectly balanced to provide a uniform, grained satin finish. No matter the application, JSH Flap Wheels provide consistently excellent results.

Super Drill Mounted Flap Wheel finishing Solutions For Cutting Tools, Wire Drawing Dies And Grinding Wheel Dressers. Optimised Grits With 60 Years Of Expertise & Access To The Most Sophisticated R&D Facility.

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