A Guide to Using Flap Wheels for Metal Finishing

Using a flap disc for metal finishing is a versatile and effective method for achieving a smooth, polished surface on different types of metal. Whether you're working on a small DIY project or a large-scale industrial application, understanding how to use flap wheels correctly is crucial.


Flap Wheels for Metal Finishing


Flap wheels are made of overlapping flaps. Flap wheels are useful tools for metal finishing, and they help to grind and finish hard-to-access areas such as the inside of tubes. They come in a variety of sizes, grits, diameters, and widths depending on the application.


Selecting the Right Flap Wheel


Material Type


● Aluminum oxide flap wheel: General-purpose abrasive suitable for most metals.

● Zirconia alumina flap wheel: Zirconia alumina flap disc offers better performance on harder metals like stainless steel.

● Silicon carbide flap wheel: Ideal for non-ferrous metals like aluminum and brass.


Flap Wheel Grit Size Selection


● Coarser grits (40 to 80) are used for aggressive material removal or blending welds.

● Medium grits (100 to 180) are for general surface preparation.

● Finer grits (240 and above) are used to achieve a smooth, polished finish.




There are different sizes of flap wheels that can be made according to the customer's need, such as 1 inch flap wheel, 6 inch flap wheel, 8 inch flap wheel, etc. Larger wheels cover more surface area but may be less precise. Smaller wheels offer more control.




Higher-density wheels provide more durability and longer life.


JSH Flap Wheels FW001


This flexible flap wheel can absolutely match the workpieces, and it provides a smooth abrasion on the workpieces's surface during it's lifetime. It has the characteristics of good elasticity, stable physicochemical properties, high security, and safe not to burn the workpieces.


Flap Wheels FW001 can be easily and conveniently operated. It can be used as a flap wheel for paint removal. Surface grinding and polishing of stainless steel knives, tableware, and stainless steel vacuum flasks; the surface sand processing of construction hardware, handles, hinges, and door locks; golf heads polishing, clubs deburring, surface sand texture decoration, and the surface treatment of aluminum heat sink.


customized size flap wheels

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Safety Precautions of Using Flap Wheels


Before starting, ensure you have the proper safety equipment:


● Safety Glasses/Goggles: Protect your eyes from flying debris.

● Hearing Protection: Flap wheels may generate a lot of noise, especially at high speeds.

● Respirator/Mask: Use when working with fine dust particles.

● Gloves: Provide hand protection, especially for extended use.


Techniques for Flap Wheel Use


● Angle of Attack: Use requires holding the tool at a certain angle to the workpiece, usually about 15-30 degrees. Maintain a consistent angle throughout.

● Pressure: Too much pressure can cause overheating and premature wear.

● Movement: Use steady, controlled movement and avoid violent or erratic movements.

● Direction: Work in the direction of the metal grain whenever possible for a smoother surface.

● Progressive Grits: Start with a coarser abrasive to remove imperfections and then work your way up to finer abrasives for a smoother surface.

● Cooling and cleaning: Check regularly for overheating. If the metal becomes too hot to touch, stop and let it cool. Use a brush or air compressor to clear debris from the work area and flap wheels.

● Inspecting Your Work: Stop periodically to inspect your workpiece to ensure you are achieving the desired finish.

● Post-Finishing Steps: You may need to perform additional steps depending on your project, such as polishing or applying a protective coating.


In conclusion, using flap wheels for metal finishing is a valuable skill that can yield professional results on a wide range of metal surfaces. By understanding the different types of flap wheels, selecting the right one for your task, and following the proper safety precautions, you can achieve the desired finish efficiently and safely.


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28 Sep, 2023

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