How to Improve the Performance of the Slashed Flap Wheel Use?

The slashed flap wheel is a power tool accessory that is mainly used in manufacturing, construction, and metal and non-metal materials. The task of the flexible flap wheel in these fields is to perform rust removal, grinding, polishing, and other operations on various materials that need to be processed.


Why Do You Need to Use a Slashed Flap Wheel?


The slashed flap wheels are flexible and can be changed into different shapes, which can better handle irregular surfaces and edges of different workpieces and have better market and performance for industrial applications.


Slashed flap wheel sets can replace many traditional grinding wheels. Compared with the traditional grinding wheel, slashed flap wheels have better elasticity and tensile bending performance. It should be noted that the flap wheel is specially used for grinding metal, and there are also those specially used for grinding wood, which cannot be mixed.

slashed flap wheel



Slashed Flap Wheels widely used on irregular surfaces of the woodwork and soft metals
Type CAW004
O.D(mm) 250-300
Width(mm) 50-100
Hole(mm) 25-32
Grain 100-600



Three Aspects to Improve the Using Performance of Slashed Flap Wheel


The correct choice of louvered blades ensures that the louvered blades are maximally utilized


The high-quality louver has a strong cutting force, which can adapt to the cutting treatment of materials with different strengths, and its heat-resistant and wear-resistant characteristics can also complete large-scale equipment grinding and polishing. With strong hardness, the service life of slashed flap wheels is several times longer than that of similar cutting blade products.


Proper Pressure


Excessive use can overload the flap wheels, which will cause the flap wheels to wear faster and reduce the effectiveness of the abrasive. At the same time, if not used with sufficient pressure, flap wheels will not engage the metal enough to effectively grind the surface, which will lead to longer grinding times and further wear.


The right way to use it


The angle of the grind depends on your manufacturing and what you are grinding.


An angle that is too flat allows too many blade particles to connect with the metal at once, causing the slashed flap wheel to wear out faster. Conversely, when the angle is too high, the vanes will not be fully used, resulting in excessive wear on some of the flap wheels and insufficient sanding.

24 Nov, 2022

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