What Affects the Performance of Flap Wheels?

Flap Wheel


Flap Wheels are typically used in metal fabrication and welding applications especially when you need a conformable product that can grind and polish intricate shapes and contours.

Flap wheels are made of multiple abrasive sheets attached to a core for fabricating, deburring, cleaning, polishing, and finishing jobs in working applications.


The long life flap wheel can be easily and conveniently operated and has the characteristic of good elasticity, stable physicochemical properties, high security, and safe not to burn the workpieces. A flexible flap wheel can absolutely match the workpieces and it provides a smooth abrasion on the workpiece's surface during its lifetime.  


flexible flap wheel

What Affects the Performance of the Flap Wheel?


Long life flap wheel is a kind of industrial consumable product, that can be applied to all varieties of polishing like the large surfaces of stainless steel, wood, furniture, stones, etc. Various industries often use this product including automobiles, heavy machine repairs, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and the like.

There are advantages and disadvantages of the performance of the flap wheel, then what are the factors that affect the performance of the flap wheel?


●  Abrasives


Abrasives are responsible for cutting work and are important raw materials for manufacturing louvers. Abrasives should have the characteristics of sharpness, high hardness, and good toughness.


●  Hardness


The hardness of the louver disc refers to the difficulty of the abrasive grains on the surface of the louver disc falling off under the action of grinding force. The hardness of the louver disc is low, and the abrasive grains of the performance louver disc easy to fall off, while the hardness of the louver disc is high, and the abrasive grains of the performance louver disc are difficult to fall off.


●  Particle size


Particle size is divided into two categories: abrasive grain and micro powder. Grain size refers to the size of the abrasive particles.


●  Bonding agent


The substance used to bond abrasives in the emery cloth wheel is called the bonding agent. The strength, impact resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance of the grinding wheel depend on the performance of the bond.


Flap Wheels FW001


The flap wheel for sanding is an abrasive disk and it is made of overlapping flaps. Flap wheels are useful tools for metal finishing, and they help to grind and finish hard-to-access areas such as the inside of tubes. They come in a variety of sizes, grits, diameters, and widths depending on the application. Being one of the flap wheel distributors in China, JSH provides the stainless steel polishing flap wheel with the best flap wheel price.


●  Product Features


Flap wheel metal polishing is made of unique synthetic non-woven fiber and abrasive emery. Because of its different structure and hardness can be used for various purposes, from the most superficial cleaning effect to sand texture decoration.


●  Applications


It can be used as a flap wheel for paint removal. Surface grinding and polishing of stainless steel knives, tableware, and stainless steel vacuum flask; the surface sand processing of construction hardware handles, hinges, and door locks; golf heads polishing, clubs deburring, surface sand texture decoration, and the surface treatment of aluminum heat sink.


●  Parameter


Flap Wheels Type: FW001 O.D(mm) Width(mm) Hole(mm) Grain
125~350 20~150 16~50.8 40~800


long life flap wheel


JSH is one of the professional flap wheel suppliers in China, and our flap wheels can be made according to the shape of the customer's product to complete the surface of the customer's product, such as 1-inch flap wheel, 2-inch flap wheel, 6-inch flap wheel, etc. Here contact us for more information.

31 Jan, 2023

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