Advantages of belt grinding

Abrasive belt grinding can process workpieces of various shapes with high surface quality and precision requirements. Abrasive belt grinding can not only process common flat, internal and external circular surface workpieces, but also process large or special-shaped parts with high surface quality and precision requirements with extremely high efficiency.

By 2012, the widest known belt grinder used a belt width of 4900mm. In actual use, the common processing width of abrasive belt grinding is 50~2000mm, and the processing thickness is 0.4~150mm.

Its productivity is as high as 1000m2/h. This wide belt grinding can be widely used on steel plates, stainless steel plates, silicon steel sheets, aluminum plates, copper plates, particleboards, plywood, medium-density fiberboards, leather, insulating boards, ceramic boards, as well as aerospace appliances, ships and nuclear physics research devices Surface processing of various high-precision and low-roughness large plates. The precision machining of discontinuous planes such as the section of the engine gearbox body can also be formed by grinding with a wide belt, and can ensure better sealing performance than the traditional milling and planing surface.

21 May, 2021

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