The main materials of the polishing cloth wheel are cotton cloth, pure cotton cloth, linen cloth, flannel, nylon velvet, and fine felt. The cloth wheel has a single layer of 400 outer warp and 350 inner warp, as well as multi-layer small outer warp.

In order to improve the use effect, the material and size of the polishing cloth wheel required by the polishing machine should be prepared in accordance with the requirements. The motor power of the polishing machine determines the size of the polishing wheel, and the shaft of the motor must match the hole diameter of the polishing wheel. Place the polishing wheel in the center of the shaft and tighten it with a wrench. The uniform surface line speed of the polishing wheel can improve the polishing effect, so if a too large polishing wheel is used with a smaller motor, the line speed will drop a lot when polishing, and the polishing effect will be affected.

21 May, 2021

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