Flap Wheel Guide: What it is & When to Use?

Flap wheel may be a familiar but strange word for most people. Flap wheel, as a polishing and finishing tool, is popular with many manufacturers in many different fields. Today, I will cover what it is and when to use it?

What is a Flap Wheel?

According to Wikipedia, a flap wheel is a metal finishing tool that is similar to flap discs, aiming to grind hard-to-access areas such as the internal of pipe or tubes. You usually can find a flap wheel for stainless steel in the industrial field.

What Does Grit Mean on a Flap Wheel?

Usually, the grit means is a grit size that indicates the roughness of the wheel. The number of grits is generally inversely proportional to particle size. In other words, the biggest of the grit number, the finest of the particle size.
flap wheel 240 grit
Generally speaking, 20 or 40 indicates a coarse grit, as for the large number such as 1500 indicates a fine grit. Different girt on a flap wheel offers different functions. The 60 grit flap wheel is a great option for deburring and deflashing work. 800 grit flap wheel is used for dining material removal.

When to Use A Flap Wheel?

The flap wheel uses are versatile for different materials and fields. It could polish much different metal materials. Take an instance, the flap wheel for polishing aluminum. But when we use a flap wheel? The brief answer can be found in the definition of the flap wheel. Here is a detailed illustration of when we use the flap wheel.

Polishing Irregular Surfaces 

All products with irregular surfaces usually put the difficulty on polishing once finished. Therefore, it is the showtime for a flap wheel. The flap wheels are a great option to polish the irregular surface.

● Polishing Large Areas Surface

When comes to polishing the large area surface, the polishing machine is the best and efficient polishing method, compared with hand polishing. Cooperated with the flap wheel, the polishing machine could provide a smooth and elegant surface.
flap wheel 40 grit

Furthermore, with the efficient polishing machine and the flap wheel, the manufacturer could reduce their labor cost.

● Processing for Inner & Outer Wall of Pipes

In industrial processing, to process inner and outer walls of the pipe is difficult to work for their curved surface. The flap wheel could perfectly solve the problem of tube processing.


All in all, the flap wheel is a necessity in the industrial field, because it gives the workpiece a smooth surface when the workpiece is in its lifetime. It has not only a great elasticity but also a stable physical and chemical property, concluded from China's professional flap wheel supplier.
10 Dec, 2021

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