How are Abrasive Sanding Belts Graded

Abrasive Sanding Belts and flap sanding wheel are widely used in the industries like metallurgy,machines,ship building, light industry,lumbering,stainless steel, and artificial stone. can be specialized by customers' requirements. It has several sizes to choose from and has high tensile strength and great tension, and they can help you to create the best finishes on materials. In this article, we will help you to know the differences between the sandpaper grades, so as to better complete the sanding application.


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Parameter of Abrasive Materials in JSH

Product Flap wheels Abrasive belt Cross pads Flap disc Flap wheel with shank
Size avaliable 120# /180# /240# /320# /400#/ 600# /800#/ 1000# customized 1/2"-8'' customized 36#/40#/60#/80#/100#/120#/150#/180#/220#/240#/320#/400#/600#/800#/1000#/1200#


What does The Grit Number Mean?

The grit of the sandpaper is the grade of the size of the abrasive material on the sandpaper, that is, the thickness of the sand grains. The numbers are measured by grit size and the number of grits/grains per square inch. For example, 36 grit flap wheel is a very coarse, rough sandpaper, while the 1000 grit flap wheel is extremely fine with very small abrasive particles.


● The lower the number, the coarser the grit. Coarse-grit sandpaper is not recommended for fine details or for edges and corners that you want to keep sharp.

● The higher the number, the finer the sandpaper. Micro grit-sized sandpapers are commonly used on wood and some on drywall.


A higher particle size equates to a finer abrasive, resulting in a smoother surface finish with a finer texture. A lower particle size represents a coarser abrasive that can scrape material faster. You can start with the finest sandpaper that will tackle the project easily and work your way up to finer grits.

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What are different grades of sandpaper used for?

Grit size refers to the specific size of the abrasive grain (36 grit flap wheel, flap wheel 60 grit, 120, etc.), while the grade is a broader term, with each grade including a range of grits. For example, medium-grade includes grit sizes between flap wheel sander 80 grit and flap wheel 150 grit.


Generally speaking, 30-grit and 60-grit papers are used for rough sanding, 100-grit to 150-grit sandpaper is for medium sanding, and 220-grit sandpaper is used for finish sanding. Of course, this changes with the type of wood and whether the sanding is done by hand or with a machine.



The flap wheel grit size can be customized according to the size of the customer's product (the product that needs to be polished). They can be specialized by customers' requirements in JSH, contact us today for more details!



09 Mar, 2022

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